Free Microsoft Word

Learn how to use Microsoft Word for FREE via Hotmail and Gmail 

Achieving your Goals

Whether its losing 10 lbs. or wanting to get straight A’s this semester its all about establishing a process in order to achieve your goal.

Don’t Fake it ’till You Make It

Plenty of people believe the hype of faking it till you make it when in reality it is filled with crap and find out why.


Oye Help Me Connect – Spring 2015 Newsletter

OYHM Spring 2015 Newsletter_Page_01It is finally here, the OYHM Connect – Spring 2015 Newsletter. You will find articles on how to find an internship, office politics, social media in the workforce, and much more. 

New Years Resolutions are Useless unless…

How many times have you made a news years resolution that resulted in ultimate failure after one day? Learn from OYHM on how to actually set a resolution in a clear sentence and how to actually achieve the resolution.

What value do you bring to the table?

College students today should not only focus on studying but building a skills that brings value to the table? In essence build a skill that someone will pay you for because studying only goes so far.